Inaugural Global Teacher’s Summit-
The Inaugural Global Teacher’s Summit held at Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona was a great success! Thunderbird, considered the number one international business graduate school in the world, was the perfect setting for bringing together and connecting Arizona’s educators of International Education.
Superintendent Tom Horne opened the Summit with a brief history and goals for International Education in K-12 schools. He stressed that today, it is critical for our students to gain a global understanding of culture and world economy. Arizona students need to be learning foreign languages to remain competitive in our global economy. It was a goal of the Summit to demonstrate the many benefits of bringing in global culture, art, music, and enriched curriculum to enhance global learning in our schools with very little or no cost. Notebooks full of resource materials and key websites for use in furthering International Education were provided to all participants. A very favorable response was received from our attendees and many teachers requested a follow-up discussion session in which to work on action plans for classroom content and share school activities.
Dr. Angel Cabrera, the keynote speaker, addressed the group describing his background and the history of Thunderbird School. He also discussed the importance of global learning and developing cultural awareness in K-12 grades to produce global citizens. He explained that Americans are at a major disadvantage if we do not speak the language of our business partners. He also stressed the importance of preserving the home languages of students present in our schools by encouraging students to speak and use their native tongues while learning English in school. He brought up the importance of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals, ( ), and the need to instill these universal values in our students starting at a young age. After a question and answer period with Dr. Cabrera, Carmen Chenal, Deputy Associate Superintendent of Legislative Guidelines, Strategic Planning & International Education, Arizona Department of Education, presented a plaque honoring Richard Mackney for his outstanding efforts as a member of the International Education Steering Committee of Arizona. Richard was instrumental in helping to get legislation passed last year that supported the development of international schools in Arizona. He was involved in helping to provide professional development to K-12 schools, finding funds for International Education, and developing business and foreign liaisons.


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