April 25, 2009

Welcome to The Mackney Warriors blog, created to follow the journey of Rich Mackney in his quest to WIN the battle against ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Life is a journey, and Rich is charting his own course. Feel inspired as you read about one man’s appreciation for life and the power of a positive mental attitude.

That’s my brother Rich. I love him.  hug

You will too…

~ Liz Mackney

April 17, 2010

Sadly, Rich lost his battle with ALS today. However, please do not think of him as a victim of this disease. Instead, honor his memory by knowing he was a true warrior who looked the enemy in the eye and fought bravely with all his might each and every day. Yes, he was warrior – a mighty warrior – who fought a very tough battle and was killed in action doing so.

Thank you for everything you taught us Rich. Your legacy will live on forever.



11 Responses to “About”

  1. James Chang said

    Hi, great to find your blogsite!


    I sent you a note to the work E-mail, of course I received an out of office reply. I just wanted to check up on you, see how you’re set up and perhaps redudantly say that you have lots of freinds whose thoughts are with you whereever you go and whatever you’re up to. The blog by Keith was really appreciated, a good kid supporting his great dad!

    All the Best,


  2. James,
    What a pleasant surprise!
    How are you? How’s the medical profession of your lovely wife? And email me updated pix of those gorgeous kids of yours!
    Tell me what’s new with you….
    Thanks for your kind thoughts,


  3. Molly Mudick said

    Hi Rich,

    My name’s Molly Mudick, and I’m a friend of Joni Starmer who sent me an email about you and your website. Count me in as a Mackney Warrior too! You sound like an amazing person and a perfect illustration of how you might not be able to control the hand you’re dealt, but you can decide how you’re going to play it.

    You’ve got a great website here, and I look forward to checking in and seeing what you’re up to and how the treatments are going.

    Stay positive – I can tell you are very loved.


    • jarmack said

      As we move on to Father’s Day, I am staying strong and fighting hard! Your support is felt!
      Thank you,

  4. liz maxwell said

    Hi Rich,

    What a wonderful blog! You certainly are making lemonade with lemons. That’s pretty amazing. I am following your progress and I think your attitude is amazing. Wonderful info for everyone who has a disease.

    Many hugs to you and Ilana, Liz in CALI

  5. Lynn Kuchinski said

    Hi, Rich and Ilana,
    I thought I would check in this time on the blog and not by phone. I see you are going to San Diego this next week, so I wish you the very best for a safe and beneficial visit there. It certainly helps to visit San Diego, instead of traveling again so far to Israel. Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you.
    Love, Lynn

  6. Lynn Kuchinski said

    Hi, Rich,
    Please look into taking pyridoxamine (a form of B6) for nerve damage. I found info on it on the following: http://www.lef.org.


  7. Hi Rich,
    So glad I clicked on the link from Facebook (from which I’ve been absent for about 6 months) to learn of your fight against ALS.
    Your smile bring back wonderful memories at Thunderbird in 76-77. Will root and pray for a WIN for you.
    Phil Martin

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