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Nineteen years ago I lost my mom to ALS. Five years ago I lost my brother Rich to ALS. Six days ago I lost my brother Bob to ALS. That makes my family part of the very unlucky 10% of all ALS cases. Those that are hereditary. An incredibly sad and frightening fact of life. But it also means something else.

It means 90% of all ALS cases are totally random. Random. That means it could happen to anyone, at any time. Including you, or a friend, or someone YOU love. It’s time to end ALS — for everyone’s sake.

What’s In Your Bucket?

It’s now August. Time for the 2015 Ice Bucket Challenge. This year it doesn’t matter what you pour over your head. Be creative! It just matters that you participatedonate, and continue the challenge to raise ALS awareness. So many lives depend on it. Maybe one day even yours.

The Mackney Warriors ALS Fundraising Campaign

Please help us end ALS by donating here to ALS TDI today and furthering ALS research.

On behalf of the entire Mackney family — and every person touched by the devastation of ALS — thank you!

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