January 17, 2010

Niels started this week


4 Responses to “OUR NEW HELPER!”

  1. Anthony said

    Hi Rich, this young man looks like a great guy. I am happy you found a quality person to help out. Enjoy the visit with your Pop and Liz coming up. We hope to get out there soon.

  2. Sue said

    I’m happy you found quality help. Hoping he works out as planned. I’m recovering from implantation occipital stimulator surgery and it is sooo much better. May even start cooking again. Are you still on a special diet?

  3. jarmack said

    Hi Sue. I hope you get back to cooking soon. Wishing you well on that front. No, I’m no longer on a special diet, and am now eating as many calorie as I can. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for writing!


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