Protein That Keeps Stem Cells Poised for Action Identified

December 29, 2009

Like a child awaiting the arrival of Christmas, embryonic stem cells exist in a state of permanent anticipation. They must balance the ability to quickly become more specialized cell types with the cellular chaos that could occur should they act too early (stop shaking those presents, kids!). Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have now identified a critical component, called Jarid2, of this delicate balancing act — one that both recruits other regulatory proteins to genes important in differentiation and also modulates their activity to keep them in a state of ongoing readiness.

To read the full story, click on the following link:


3 Responses to “Protein That Keeps Stem Cells Poised for Action Identified”

  1. Rebecca Justman said

    Hi Rich! It was great to see pictures of your smiling face and it looked like you had a wonderful holiday. I was reading your post about Stanford hospital and wondered if you are coming out here or come out here for any treatments? I’m in Palo Alto so if so, I wouldn’t want to miss our on an opportunity to cheer you on and bring you balloons or cookies or some other treat. Sending all the best in 2010 and keeping you in my prayers!
    Rebecca Counihan (FKA: Justman)

    • jarmack said

      Hi Rebecca,

      I won’t be coming out that way any time soon. But I appreciate your kind words and thoughts. If you’re ever out this way, please feel free to visit. It would be wonderful to see you. How is married life treating you?


  2. Rebecca Counihan said

    Hi Rich,
    We definitely head out to AZ at least once a year so I’ll let you know ahead of time and maybe we can go to lunch.
    Married life is wonderful! We are settling into our little house and I’m having fun decorating and learning to cook. Loving cooking! I never liked it before but it’s been great therapy while I look for a job and fun to develop new skills. I got a part-time job working as a kitchen assistant in cooking classes at Sur la Table so I get to learn for free now too! It’s been fun! The job search is slow but this year has proved more promising already so I’m sure something will come along eventually. I’m still just networking a lot and volunteering at the Chamber of Commerce to make contacts. I’m staying positive!

    Well always wonderful to hear from you and I’ll keep checking in on your progress. You’re in my prayers!


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