Me and Chauncey

Me and Chauncey

Me and Sarah

Me and Sarah

Chad, Me and Larry

Chad, Me and Larry

On June 26 Chad and I had a wonderful day with Larry Howard, Chauncey Sayre and Sarah Pollan touring the Weller research labs and getting an update on the fast pace of their stem cell work. This is truly cutting edge! What I see one day soon is the ability to halt my ALS in its tracks, and not far away from that, the power to reverse it for ALS and countless other diseases. Chauncey and Sarah are very impressive with their knowledge and work completed to date.

Weller is in a mode right now to generate the research data needed to satisfy the FDA and move their stem cell therapy process forward to market. More lab equipment is needed pronto in order to not lose momentum. A strategic investment partner(s) willing to help Weller at this stage will see themselves as part of one of the most significant developments in medical history with an unrivaled licensing potential. If you know somebody interested, I’ll be happy to connect you.

Luci, Me and Dr. Smith

Luci, Me and Dr. Smith

On June 25, Dr. Smith gave me and Chad 3.5 hours out of his busy schedule to share his thoughts on 30 years of experience in strategies and practices on extending life in ALS patients. Herewith are some notes Chad dutifully scribed:

Chad’s Notes: 6/25/09

  • Ceregane “Company doing ALS work – Google them”
  • People who do survive ALS longer are the ones that do have a goal, keep working, have a reason to live


  • #1 you need support: you need family support.
  • Pick a line in the sand… If X happens then do this …. If Y happens “I have a living will or power of attorney.”
  • ALS Cannot take you out, it can only take a part of you. People survive this. You still hear, see, think, communicate.
  • Once a day “Sit under your Fig Tree” go through the day in your mind and see what made it worth living for and come out of this position a brighter person.
  • Given your human limitations figure out how to control the situation.
  • Be empowered in all things.
  • We all have a role… As you weaken and you can’t fix the car yourself, you can still guide a person on what to do or who you would normally call, etc. You still have a role. Don’t give it up!
  • You need to stay involved.
  • You’re in charge and in control of your life – recognize this.

6 Books worth reading:

  • Book of Job “old testament”
  • Herman Hesse “Siddharthra”
  • “The Plague” by Camus
  • Victor Frankle “Man’s Search for Meaning”
  • “Cancer Ward” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  • “The Magic Mountain” by Thomas Mann


  • Look at the labels of everything, even things you use don’t eat/use today but you end up using sometime. See ingredients you don’t know or can’t pronounce? Throw them away.
  • Increase the variety of your fresh foods.
  • “Natural Flavor added” on a label means “MSG.” It’s an FDA game at wordplay. Stay away from it.

Supplements to use:

  • B complex
  • 400 units of Folic acid
  • C0Q 10  – Take this
  • 1 baby aspirin a day
  • Vitamin D

More Stuff:

  • Stay the same weight
  • Eat a lot of calories, carbs and fat – not just protein
  • Have a balance, don’t over do it on the exercise
  • Listen to yourself – If you are tired take a nap
  • Work your shoulders out often. Rotate the shoulder many times each day. Frozen shoulder is very painful.
  • Every 24 hours, take a quick inventory of your life
  • Look around at the things you use and think “Do I need this”?
  • Use natural products – soap, shampoo, deodorant. We are absorbing way too much aluminum into our bodies.
Chad carefully watching over me

Chad carefully watching over me

On the trip to San Diego June 24-26, my son Keith’s best friend Chad was my driver, assistant, business partner, people greeter, note taker, luggage lugger, meal getter and a host of many other jobs. I could not have done it without him. Chad, you are truly a great guy!

Me, Dr. Licht and Luci Barbie

Me, Dr. Licht and Luci Barbie

On June 25 I had my physical in La Jolla, CA with Luci Barbie and Dr. Licht. I aced the physical, but discovered that I need to be off the Memantine and my 2 antibiotics for four weeks prior. So I’m traveling back for more tests in a month, and hope to be accepted at that time. I must compliment CCR on having a great staff! Friendly, professional, and very positive attitudes. They really care about their patients. Even the tech Aaron, who wheeled me around from lab to lab was great. He has ALS in his family too, and they are fighters just like my family.

Chad and I arrived in San Diego this evening for my tests tomorrow for the protein injection clinical trial. We used duelling GPS’s in the car the whole way to see how in synch they both were. Turns out they both use the same female voice! So we dubbed them “the twins,” and had alot of fun listening to them talk over themselves. The hotel is great and includes both breakfast and dinner! We just had fajitas! And it is so nice to arrive in 79 degrees after Scottsdale 104 degrees.

Where’s Rich?

June 24, 2009

type He’s off to San Diego and will return Friday night. Come back soon for an update from Rich on his latest treatment adventure.

Reporting from New England, Rich’s sister Liz.

Good help in town!

June 20, 2009

Rich, Ilana and Bob at Boulevard Cafe

Rich, Ilana and Bob at Boulevard Cafe

My brother Bob flew in from South Carolina and has been lending an expert hand over the past few days. He’s been a great aid to me and Ilana, and gotten to meet my extended family of doctors and therapists. He also benefited from the low humidity and cooler than normal temperatures. Sure good to see him!

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Stem Cell Primer Video

June 16, 2009

coolani Nice educational training video-

smileywavingIt is absolutely amazing how many of you have visited this blog and continue to come back! Thank you so much! Share with me  —  Is there something else or additional that you want me to cover in the blog? I want this site to be as interesting for you as it is to me. So speak up, and share your thoughts and ideas! Remember, together we can climb mountains!

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